Mike Schaeffer's Blog

August 27, 2006

There's a long running joke about Ken Thompson's car. It goes something like this: 'Ken Thompson's car replaces all the confusing gauges with one warning light – the experienced user will know what's wrong when the light goes on.' Ryan is just like that if you replace the 'one warning light' with 'one piercing cry'.

The compensating factor for Ryan's lack of communications skills is that babies don't need or want all that much. It basically boils down to food, clean clothes and diaper, a comfortable enviroment, and some companionship and cuddling. That makes an exhaustive search of all possible 'error conditions' relatively brief. It is frustrating at times (1:00 in the morning and nothing seems to be working), but I don't know if it'll end up more or less frustrating than 15-16 years from now when he's asking for a new sports car or extended curfew.