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September 20, 2005

I really liked This post by Dick Kusleika, over on Daily Dose of Excel. I'm a big fan of controlling frequently used options with keyboard shortcuts. To riff on Mr. Kusleika's post a little, here's a refinement I've found useful in the past for macros like these. Basically this allows the same macro to toggle a state as well as non-destructively display the current state.

The first time the macro MaybeToggleMAR is invoked, it displays the current state in the status bar, and sets a timer to expire in 3 seconds. If the macro is invoked a second time before the timer expires (easy to do if it's bound to a keystroke) the state is toggled. Technically speaking, the trickiest bit is that the function that sets the 3 second timer also has to handle cancelling any previous instance of the same timer. It works without the timer cancellation, but without it, the UI behaves oddly after multiple keypresses in rapid succession.

Chip Pearson's website has useful content discussing the Excel API's for Timers and the Status Bar.

Here's the code: to use it, stick it in a module and bind MaybeToggleMAR to the keyboard shortcut of your choice.

Option Explicit
Private MARChangesEnabled As Boolean

Public NextDisableTime As Double

Sub DisableMARChanges()
    Application.StatusBar = False
    MARChangesEnabled = False
End Sub

Sub DisableMARChangesSoon()
    On Error Resume Next
    Application.OnTime NextDisableTime, "DisableMARChanges", , False
    NextDisableTime = Now + TimeSerial(0, 0, 3)
    Application.OnTime NextDisableTime, "DisableMARChanges", , True
End Sub

Sub MaybeToggleMAR()
    Dim NewStatusText As String
    NewStatusText = ""
    If MARChangesEnabled Then
        Application.MoveAfterReturn = Not Application.MoveAfterReturn
        NewStatusText = "Status changed: "
        MARChangesEnabled = True
        NewStatusText = "Second press will change status: "
    End If
    If Application.MoveAfterReturn Then
        NewStatusText = NewStatusText & "MoveAfterReturn Enabled"
        NewStatusText = NewStatusText & "MoveAfterReturn Disabled"
    End If
    Application.StatusBar = NewStatusText
End Sub