Mike Schaeffer's Blog

March 4, 2005

A few months ago, my wife and I recently switched from a Sanyo 4700 and a 4900 on Sprint PCS to a pair of Sony Ericsson T-637's on bCingular Wireless. Overall, the switch has been an improvement, but there are still a few nagging issues:

  • Cingular's selection of Java games is much sparser and more expensive than Sprint's.
  • There's no "Phone Ringing" Ringtone on the phone, just a bunch of generic and/or unrecognizable music files.
  • There are buttons on the side of the phone that activate the web browser and camera. These are pretty easy to hit by accident.
  • Sanyos and Nokias have this problem too, but the Sony doesn't really handle the case of multiple directory entries with the same phone number. When called by someone at a number that for which I have multiple entries, I'd really like to see a list of all of the entries containing that number. (This would help handle the case of two people each with cell phones and with one home number.)
  • The incoming call logs are by number, not by call. This makes it difficult to tell when you've missed multiple calls from the same number.
  • The incoming call logs rely on automatic horizontal scrolling to reveal information like time of call and number of calls missed. This means that you have to select a log entry and sit on it for a few seconds while the phone scrolls the information you want into view. I'd much rather have some kind of details/summary view toggle button on the side of the phone. Of the four side mounted buttons, surely one could be for this.
  • There's a music editor built in that lets you compose custom ring tones. However, it only lets you work with a fixed set of clips, so it loses its appeal very quickly.

I guess that looks like a lot of complaining, but otherwise the phone is very nice. The last phone I've liked as much is my old Nokia 8260 (and the 6160 before that). The Sanyo 4900 doesn't even come close. I'm happy enough with this phone to consider buying another Sony Ericsson. (The new W800i looks pretty nice...)